[CentOS] CentOS advisories for 8 release

Sun Aug 9 07:41:48 UTC 2020
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Il 07/08/20 23:05, Olivier Bonhomme ha scritto:
> Hello dear CentOS community,
> I'm writing on this mailing list because I'm discovering CentOS 8 
> after several years of practice on CentOS 7.
> One of my main concern about a distribution is Bug Fixes and Security 
> Fixes. For CentOS 7, all fixes where identified on CentOS-Announces 
> lists with CESA, CEBA and CEEA which is a good thing in order to 
> identify how a distribution can be broken, vulnerable.
> However, I didn't find any announcement for CentOS 8. I tried to 
> investigate about any changes about announcement policies but I didn't 
> find anything reliable.
> So I'm asking here what is exactly the status about announcements for 
> CentOS 8 ? Is it a thing who totally disappeared replaced by Red Hat 
> advisories or is it something different ? Or maybe it is just not 
> planned yet ?
> Explanations would be very welcomed.
> Thanks for your answer
> Regards,
> Olivier Bonhomme
Hi Olivier,

this question got several answers. Since C8 was release updates on 
announces ML are not available because the tool that provides 
notification does not work with the new tool that is used to build 

Actually I use RHEL advisory, but this require a RH account (not 

I asked some days ago and I got this answer:

Start Quote:

As I understand some kind of mapping must be implemented
for indexcode+gitcommitid beetween CentOS and RH ...


End Quote:

So seems that something boils in the pot. We must only wait.

My 2 Cents