[CentOS] CentOS8 pxeboot Error setting up software source

Mon Aug 10 18:08:18 UTC 2020
Satish Patel <satish.txt at gmail.com>


Last month i have setup PXE server using CentOS8-1-1911 release and
everything was working fine so today i thought let me upgrade it to
CentOS8-2-2004 so i just did rsync and updated all packages but after
that it started throwing following error during pxe installation

Installation source (Error setting up software source)

I have check logs and i can see its setting correct source which is my
apache server also networking looks good. I can ping server from a
kickstart client, i have tried to give multiple repo manually but
still have the same error.

I am using this repo, let me know if this is wrong place

Is this a bug or something which i am not aware of?