[CentOS] Boot failed on latest CentOS 7 update

Sun Aug 2 17:36:43 UTC 2020
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Il 02/08/20 19:22, Valeri Galtsev ha scritto:
> On 8/2/20 12:09 PM, Alessandro Baggi wrote:
>> Il 02/08/20 18:54, Stephen John Smoogen ha scritto:
>>> On a side note, you keep emphasizing you aren't expecting an SLA.. but
>>> all your questions are what someone asks to have in a defined SLA. I
>>> have done the same thing in the past when things have gone badly, but
>>> couching it in 'I am not asking' just makes the people being asked
>>> grumpy. Better to be open and say 'Look I would like to know what my
>>> expectations should be for CentOS' and be done with it.
>> Sorry, but you are wrong about this.
>> If I want SLA and QA I will use RHEL.
>> Now permit me to say one thing: the update on my machines, failed in 
>> a so bad way that my first thought was "WTF? they tested this fix?" 
>> and I'm not the only one that
> And this complaint has to fall onto RedHat. Slightly underestimating 
> the job CentOS team is doing, one could say: CentOS in just a binary 
> replica of RedHat Enterprise.
Hi Valeri,

Yes you are right.

> And again, we use distributions for what benefit they give us, and any 
> trouble we may encounter, we have just ourselves to blame for the 
> choice we had made. And I here am not restricting the choices we could 
> have made to variety of Linux flavors, but include in general anything 
> one could use: a bunch of BSD descendants, MacOS (which server 
> administration wise I excluded from chain BSD --> Darwin --> MacOS 10, 
> or rather ignore that to be a chain), MS Windows (no, I am not asking 
> for shots at me, I for one use FreeBSD for servers, not MS Windows), etc.
> I use CentOS on workstation (except for my own_ and numbercrunchers. 
> And once again, thanks a lot to the whole CentOS team for the great 
> job, you, guys are doing!
> Just my abstract view of this.
> Valeri

the previous message was sent incomplete.

I appreciate very much the great job done by the CentOS team with so low