[CentOS] Boot failed on latest CentOS 7 update

Sun Aug 2 17:22:59 UTC 2020
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On 8/2/20 12:09 PM, Alessandro Baggi wrote:
> Il 02/08/20 18:54, Stephen John Smoogen ha scritto:
>> On a side note, you keep emphasizing you aren't expecting an SLA.. but
>> all your questions are what someone asks to have in a defined SLA. I
>> have done the same thing in the past when things have gone badly, but
>> couching it in 'I am not asking' just makes the people being asked
>> grumpy. Better to be open and say 'Look I would like to know what my
>> expectations should be for CentOS' and be done with it.
> Sorry, but you are wrong about this.
> If I want SLA and QA I will use RHEL.
> Now permit me to say one thing: the update on my machines, failed in a 
> so bad way that my first thought was "WTF? they tested this fix?" and 
> I'm not the only one that

And this complaint has to fall onto RedHat. Slightly underestimating the 
job CentOS team is doing, one could say: CentOS in just a binary replica 
of RedHat Enterprise.

And again, we use distributions for what benefit they give us, and any 
trouble we may encounter, we have just ourselves to blame for the choice 
we had made. And I here am not restricting the choices we could have 
made to variety of Linux flavors, but include in general anything one 
could use: a bunch of BSD descendants, MacOS (which server 
administration wise I excluded from chain BSD --> Darwin --> MacOS 10, 
or rather ignore that to be a chain), MS Windows (no, I am not asking 
for shots at me, I for one use FreeBSD for servers, not MS Windows), etc.

I use CentOS on workstation (except for my own_ and numbercrunchers. And 
once again, thanks a lot to the whole CentOS team for the great job, 
you, guys are doing!

Just my abstract view of this.


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