[CentOS] Fixing grub/shim issue Centos 7

Tue Aug 4 06:31:46 UTC 2020
lpeci <lpeci at roa.es>

Hi all,

I had the same problem with my UEFI bios machine and I fixed it so for 
Centos 7:

1) Boot from an rescue linux usb

2) When the rescue system is running:

     2.1) #chroot /mnt/sysimage

3) Config network:

     3.1) # ip addr add X.X.X.X/X dev X

     3.2) # ip route add default via X.X.X.X    <--- default router

4) And finally:

     #yum downgrade shim\* grub2\* mokutil



I hope you can fix it with these steps.

El 4/8/20 a las 0:56, Nicolas Kovacs escribió:
> Le 03/08/2020 à 19:24, david a écrit :
>> After trying several paths, some suggested on this list, here's my results.
> Hi,
> Just back from a hiking trip. One of my clients sent me a message that his
> CentOS server refuses to boot. So tomorrow I have to drive there to figure out
> what's going on. I guess there's a high probability it's the issue discussed in
> this thread.
> Simple question: besides a tsunami of mailing list and forum messages, is there
> some to-the-point reliable information about this mess ? As well as some
> to-the-point reliable information about how to fix it ?
> Thanks,
> Niki