[CentOS] Where can CentOS7 yum-cron logs be found?

Tue Aug 18 01:00:11 UTC 2020
Gunnar Niels <gunnar.s.niels at gmail.com>

>> I'm trying to setup two CentOS7 systems with automatic security updates to run
>> as my kubernetes nodes. I've also centralized all my outgoing mail through my
>> mailgun service, so I've been using the cli tool "mailx", which I have configured
>> with my credentials. Coming from Fedora32 and CentOS7, dnf-automatic had a
>> helpful emission target that was "email_command". By default it sent notifications
>> using this command. With yum-cron, all I see is "email", which doesn't appear
>> to use the "mail" command.

> I'm using yum-cron on all my CentOS servers, and mail notifications work just fine.

That wasn't really the question; I'm not challenging that the email emitter type
notifications don't work.

I'm asking where the results of the yum-cron job are actually written to so
I can see what it did. I want this because I want the `email_command` type
functionality that's found in dnf-automatic with future OS versions, but is
not present in yum-cron.