[CentOS] I'm looking forward to the future of CentOS Stream

Fri Dec 11 10:41:09 UTC 2020
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Il 11/12/20 10:24, Konstantin Boyandin via CentOS ha scritto:
> My primary objection is breach of trust. RH shouldn't have lied at least
> to CentOS community.
> Other bug-to-bug compatible RHEL clones will replace the CentOS, so this
> is the part I am less worried about. If someone is happy with CentOS
> Stream, that's fine. I am not, but that's (not only) my problem.


Centos Stream is NOT a REPLACEMENT of CentOS, it is a different 
"product" used as a rhel preview (and testing platform for next rhel 
releases [minor/major]). This is a simple direction change for a 
corporation. I accept this without any problem, they have not any legal 
duty with CentOS community. Ethically, wow...they should ask itself WTF 
did they done. But no problem..many of us have imagined this since IBM 
ops (also if this is a centos board decision), today it is reality. 
Really there is nothing new for me (This is why I started to find 
alternatives for my case usage since 8 was released waiting the switch 
to see if direction was good)

The days you install CentOS as server distro for stability and 
compatibility are gone. I always used centos and not rhel because I 
don't need support. I don't need CentOS Stream so  I will not use it. 
CentOS 8, with its all defects, was enough for me and I think I will not 
use rhel until forced. So for me (and many) there is not an alternative 
then to change ship and switch to Debian/Ubuntu LTS that are not bad 
systems. Intended, there are other alternatives like SUSE/OpenSUSE, OL 
and other...

I read many times that Debian/Ubuntu LTS are not centos/rhel, this is 
true (they are different products) but please, stop saying this, them 
are not shitty distro..but when I read that many users use fedora as 
server distro I laugh.

I'm not in enterprise so I don't need this type of "support" and can 
change the distro without any problem but I will stay away from 
CentOS/RH products due to 0 trust in them.

For the past years, for CentOS 6,7 and 8 thank you Johnny, Rich and all 
other maintainers. You did a great job.