[CentOS] question centos stream 8 applying updates

Sat Dec 12 01:10:37 UTC 2020
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 11.12.20 um 23:53 schrieb Pete Biggs:
> On Fri, 2020-12-11 at 22:05 +0100, Gionatan Danti wrote:
>> Il 2020-12-11 19:26 Walter H. ha scritto:
>>> with CentOS Stream there are only updates till 2024(!) not 2029 as it
>>> be expected ...
>> Is that officially confirmed? If RHEL 8 is expected to have an 8.10
>> release sometime in the 2028-2029 timeframe, and if any updates should
>> really hit Stream-8 before, the latter should have the same EOL date.
> Somewhere in amongst the vast number of posts, someone said that the
> release cadence for point releases was 6 months with the final release
> being 8.10 in 2024. After that RHEL 8 goes into maintenance mode and
> there will be no more content added to 8-stream (because it had reached
> the end of it's useful life as a pre point release distro).
> I think it's still not clear what exactly will be the fate of 8-stream
> after 2024. The implication is that 9-stream will be active by then and
> 8-stream will just disappear. In some ways it would be nice if it was
> frozen but kept, but it won't receive any bug/security fixes, so it may
> be deemed too "dangerous" to allow people access to it. I suppose it's
> natural home would be vault.centos.org, but we will have to see what RH
> think of that.

"CentOS Stream 8 will be retired from build servers, community build 
systems, primary mirror sites (copies will remain on vault.centos.org), 
and other places within our ecosystem."