[CentOS] I'm looking forward to the future of CentOS Stream

Sun Dec 13 05:00:52 UTC 2020
Konstantin Boyandin <lists at boyandin.info>

On 13.12.2020 11:48, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> On 12/11/20 9:56 AM, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:
>> And I will repeat that millions of CentOS users found free clone of RHEL
>> trustworthy enough to use it for production, even without "official
>> endorsement".
> Exactly.  That's why it's so weird that those people, today, think that 
> CentOS Stream won't be usable, based on their interpretation of the 
> official statements from Red Hat.  Red Hat's statements weren't taken 
> into consideration before, but now they're a sign of doom?

Who exactly said "doom"?

CentOS Stream won't match corresponding stable RHEL version, that's all. 
While CentOS was matching it, it was stable enough to use it safely on 

Now that it becomes constant beta, it might be considered less stable, 
all the compatibility arguments have been uttered many a time.

Doom or no doom, everyone decides for oneself.

The primary problem is breach of trust. All the other consequences are 
mostly technical.


Konstantin Boyandin
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