[CentOS] I'm looking forward to the future of CentOS Stream

Sun Dec 13 10:05:58 UTC 2020
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 13/12/2020 6:48 π.μ., Gordon Messmer wrote:

> Red Hat is giving us the thing that has been requested more often, by 
> more people, than any other change in CentOS, and the result is that 
> the press is full of stories about users being angry, because five 
> people on the mailing lists sent a lot of messages.  (About half of 
> the traffic in the threads on centos and centos-devel comes from five 
> people, and various people replying to them.)

Not really. I am afraid you are missing the point. Also see: 7500 
sysadmins and growing are already explicitly rejecting the change.

> ...but speaking as a developer...

That's the problem: you are speaking as a developer, not as a sysadmin. 
CentOS is clearly for sysadmins, not for developers.

On 13/12/2020 10:22 π.μ., Nicolas Kovacs wrote:

> For the last 16 years, the explicit scope of the CentOS project has 
> been to
> rebuild RHEL "bug by bug". No more no less. A fact that has been stressed
> repeatedly by the maintainers on this list. So admins all over the world
> trusted this.
> Words do have a meaning. 


And what is worse: RH are pushing their users to their competitors 
(read: OL).

RH are pulling their own eyes out... It's a shame.

And all that because they decided to stop supporting a quite extensive 
worldwide amount of orgs and sysadmins who need a safe and dependable 
production OS that does not cost a fortune, although many of those at 
some point in time might become RH support customers!

Now RH earned discontent and distrust from a large part of their FOSS 

Such a sad end for CentOS... (In fact it is an end indeed.)

OL, Rocky Linux (when fully established) and other such projects 
(mentioned in various threads) will gain large parts of this extensive 
group. Some many end up in using CentOS Stream, but the core part of 
this vibrant community will probably lost by RH and the good old CentOS 
group (now in RH). Time will show.

That's a pity, because a large and conscious part of this community 
indeed has some affinity to Karanbir et al, greatly respecting their 
history and efforts...

RH (& CentOS) still has some small window of opportunity to announce 
full support of CentOS 8 to its EOL.