[CentOS] Blog article: CentOS is NOT dead

Mon Dec 14 15:39:38 UTC 2020
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

On 12/14/20 4:09 PM, Konstantin Boyandin via CentOS wrote:
> On 14.12.2020 21:41, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
>> Le 14/12/2020 à 15:25, James Pearson a écrit :
>>> As others have said, it misses the _really_ important bit about the
>>> traditional CentOS model which is to follow the RHEL ~10 year life cycle
>> I totally agree with you.
>> But when you disagree with someone (e.g. the CentOS team), it's good at
>  least
>> to hear the person out.
>> Back at the university here in Montpellier, we had a funny exercise in one
>  of
>> the courses. Every one of us had to pick a subject where he or she had a
>  strong
>> position. I remember I chose nuclear energy, which I think is a bad
>  choice. And
>> in the exercise, I had to *defend* nuclear energy against its opponents.
>> And I published the link to the article because it's a fine text and
>  nicely
>> argumented.
> Well, it's mostly emotional (the leitmotif: "how can you say CentOS 
> Stream is bad if you didn't try it?"). And the author's bio spoils the 
> fun, as well:
> "Ben Porter is a Linux and open source advocate, currently working as an 
> OpenShift consultant for Red Hat."
> And the comments to the graphs, where RHEL, CentOS and Fedora are placed 
> on a line, are simply ridiculous (such as "did you use to consider RHEL 
> to be the CentOS beta?"). With all due respect to Ben Porter, it didn't 
> convince me.

I have posted a comment that explains why and on which topic he is
wrong. You post them and I will debunk them :-)

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