[CentOS] Is Oracle a real alternative to Centos?

Tue Dec 15 17:53:23 UTC 2020
Matti Pulkkinen <mkjpul at utu.fi>

Ruslanas Gžibovskis kirjoitti 15.12.2020 klo 18.04:
> I think Peter have already spent some time and read around agreement and so
> on. So the price is understandable. And really, everyone need to keep in
> mind that anyone can change their licence any time.
> If You ask personally me, Matti, I do not see point using oracleLinux if
> can use Rocky/fedora out of cost. Same as I do not see any point in using
> any derivative of Debian if you just can add additional repo and install
> missing package...
> CentOS was free of charge RedHat Flag. And now their banner/flag do not
> look so trustful in free area... I still would trust paid version,
> especially when there is no-cost licence. Also you can connect to RH sales
> and get real goood discounts. If you are a small business in small country.
> But free flag is in uncertain situation.
> And I have been working with UBK or how is shortened their unbreakable
> kernel... No good ;)) we managed to break it ;)) and recover DB.
> If you really want you always can just look at config file how kernel is
> made and rebuild it with your additions or exactly same in exact same
> place. Also take additional blobs and place them where you need... if
> needed. But you need to understand if that all you really need? Maybe you
> just need to shorten tcp.fin_wait to 1 sec ;) and it will work as a charm
> even with 2.6.18... with all unneeded options off, such as kernel modules,
> usb, sata123...
> You just need to:
> su -c 'echo "1" > /proc/enable/brain'
> Without this module either OS will work.
> And choosing OS is like choosing your partner, you need to understand, for
> how long you have same path and why your partner did that move, did partner
> prepared all that you would have all cases covered with new WoW...
> Thanks

The main takeaway from this seems to be that your answer to my question 
is "no". Oracle can indeed change their terms if they so wish, and this 
is to be expected for any distro vendor or community. You seemed to be 
insinuating that there is something specifically in Oracle's current 
terms or practices that you find objectionable, but it is reassuring 
that this does not seem to be the case after all.

Terveisin / Regards,
Matti Pulkkinen