[CentOS] Is Oracle a real alternative to Centos?

Tue Dec 15 18:07:39 UTC 2020
Mauricio Tavares <raubvogel at gmail.com>

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 12:53 PM Matti Pulkkinen <mkjpul at utu.fi> wrote:
> Ruslanas Gžibovskis kirjoitti 15.12.2020 klo 18.04:
> > I think Peter have already spent some time and read around agreement and so
> > on. So the price is understandable. And really, everyone need to keep in
> > mind that anyone can change their licence any time.
> >
> > If You ask personally me, Matti, I do not see point using oracleLinux if
> > can use Rocky/fedora out of cost. Same as I do not see any point in using
> > any derivative of Debian if you just can add additional repo and install
> > missing package...
> >
> > CentOS was free of charge RedHat Flag. And now their banner/flag do not
> > look so trustful in free area... I still would trust paid version,
> > especially when there is no-cost licence. Also you can connect to RH sales
> > and get real goood discounts. If you are a small business in small country.
> >
> > But free flag is in uncertain situation.
> >
> > And I have been working with UBK or how is shortened their unbreakable
> > kernel... No good ;)) we managed to break it ;)) and recover DB.
> >
> > If you really want you always can just look at config file how kernel is
> > made and rebuild it with your additions or exactly same in exact same
> > place. Also take additional blobs and place them where you need... if
> > needed. But you need to understand if that all you really need? Maybe you
> > just need to shorten tcp.fin_wait to 1 sec ;) and it will work as a charm
> > even with 2.6.18... with all unneeded options off, such as kernel modules,
> > usb, sata123...
> >
> > You just need to:
> > su -c 'echo "1" > /proc/enable/brain'
> >
> > Without this module either OS will work.
> >
> > And choosing OS is like choosing your partner, you need to understand, for
> > how long you have same path and why your partner did that move, did partner
> > prepared all that you would have all cases covered with new WoW...
> >
> > Thanks
> The main takeaway from this seems to be that your answer to my question
> is "no". Oracle can indeed change their terms if they so wish, and this
> is to be expected for any distro vendor or community. You seemed to be
> insinuating that there is something specifically in Oracle's current
> terms or practices that you find objectionable, but it is reassuring
> that this does not seem to be the case after all.
      I think this is a good example of when to see how much you can
make your deployment distro-agnostic. At home I have been trying to
make my ansible playbooks so they can work in both redhat
(specifically centos as there are differences) and debian based
distros. With that said I do know my playbooks to deploy KVM and
docker are a bit weak on the debian side.

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