[CentOS] C8 Question

Fri Jan 24 14:38:34 UTC 2020
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Il 24/01/20 15:11, Simon Matter via CentOS ha scritto:
>> Hi list,
>> I installed on my workstation C8.1 (1911) and performed a minimal
>> install and then installed XFCE from EPEL.
>> I noticed a strange behaviour (don't know if this is the wanted
>> default). If I try ,from normal user shell, to run command like "reboot"
>> or "shutdown -h now" system will reboot/shutdown. This happens on tty
>> console, on xfce terminal and ssh session.
> But can you describe exactly in which situation user x can shutdown? I
> mean, if you say via ssh connection, is it that user x is at the same time
> also logged in into XFCE desktop on the same system? Or is it also true if
> the only login to the system at this time is via the ssh connection and
> then user x is still able to shutdown?
> I mean if user x runs the XFCE session remote on the system using ssh X11
> forwarding, NX or whatever, then user x should really NOT be able to
> shutdown without providing the root password. That would be a nightmare
> for multi user systems :-)
> Regards,
> Simon
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Hi Simon,

I tried on my system using XFCE, I tried with a fresh installation on vm 
without X (using minimal and server installation), inside ssh 
with/without user logged and from tty console.

Try to reproduce it. Install C8 on a VM using minimal installation, 
login in as normal user an type reboot.