[CentOS] C8 Question

Fri Jan 24 14:11:06 UTC 2020
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> Hi list,
> I installed on my workstation C8.1 (1911) and performed a minimal
> install and then installed XFCE from EPEL.
> I noticed a strange behaviour (don't know if this is the wanted
> default). If I try ,from normal user shell, to run command like "reboot"
> or "shutdown -h now" system will reboot/shutdown. This happens on tty
> console, on xfce terminal and ssh session.

But can you describe exactly in which situation user x can shutdown? I
mean, if you say via ssh connection, is it that user x is at the same time
also logged in into XFCE desktop on the same system? Or is it also true if
the only login to the system at this time is via the ssh connection and
then user x is still able to shutdown?

I mean if user x runs the XFCE session remote on the system using ssh X11
forwarding, NX or whatever, then user x should really NOT be able to
shutdown without providing the root password. That would be a nightmare
for multi user systems :-)