[CentOS] CentOS 8 and DELL 7540 Intel AX200 WIFI

Mon Jan 20 05:16:35 UTC 2020
David Summers <david at summersoft.fay-ar.us>

I just wanted to follow up to my post from October 2019.

I just installed CentOS 8.1 and my WIFI card is now detected and works 

So I'm a happy camper again, I guess I just had hardware that was too 
new and CentOS 8.0 didn't have the driver for my WIFI card but CentOS 
8.1 *DOES* have it.

Good thing, Both RedHat and DELL says it is "completely supported".

I was seriously thinking about sending the hardware back to Dell to 
reorder a configuration that worked, but now I don't have to, there is 
now driver support for the Intel AX200 WIFI card.

I just had to unexpectedly wait a few months.

    - Thanks

    - David