[CentOS] can't send email from my new centos 8

Mon Jan 20 21:04:47 UTC 2020
V. M. Tame-Reyes <vmtame at gmail.com>

Hello to all!
I apologize in advance, for the following could be too simple, but I can't
figure it out.
I configured a vps using centos 8, all is working fine but I'm not able to
send email from this server.
I tried
$ telnet smtp.mailtrap.io 25 but it doesn't work
$ telnet www.google.ca 80 does work
and particularly
$ telnet smtp.mailtrap.io 2525 does work too.
I temporarily disabled the firewall, and selinux, but no luck.
Can anyone provide any pointers?

Thanks in advance,
PS: I'm sorry if there were English spelling errors.