[CentOS] UEFI boot blank screen post update

Fri Jul 31 02:43:21 UTC 2020
Anshu Prateek <anshprat at gmail.com>

Hi folks,

I am able to install workstation successfully on a dedicated SSD w/ GPT
partition w/ UEFI boot using the latest `CentOS-8.2.2004-x86_64-dvd1.iso`
from a bootable pen drive.

The motherboard is ASRock x570 Gaming 4 (
https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570%20phantom%20Gaming%204/index.asp) w/
Ryzen 3600, 16G RAM, 1TB SSD in question.

However, after login, when I do a DNF update (which is updating the kernel
presently) and then do a reboot, I don't see the grub2 screen anymore. I
end up on a blank screen. Tried fixing grub2 via recovery method, no luck.

Tried this couple of times, i.e, fresh install then dnf update, always
ended up with the same result.

In my latest reinstall, I did not format the boot and EFI partition, and
after it came up post the reinstall, I could see the upgraded kernel entry
from the last install in the grub menu.

Thoughts on what could be causing this and how could I fix it?


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Anshu Prateek
[image: http://]about.me/anshuprateek