[CentOS] Upgrade to CentOS8

Sun Mar 29 12:42:34 UTC 2020
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 29.03.20 um 14:16 schrieb Patrick DERWAEL:
> Hi folks
> I have a couple of Zotac mini PCs running CentOS7 which I want/need to
> upgrade to CentOS8
> In theory, they are CentOS8 capable, but assuming Murphy might be lurking
> around, I prefer validating the hardware before starting the effective
> installation
> As there is no LiveCD, what would be the recommended way to do this?

No LiveCD, no recommendation but I see two options: If you have the 
infra (workstation/build/mock/imagebuilder) you can generate a custom 
spin / LiveCD, or just use a similar Fedora LiveCD to get an idea if you
run in major problems. EL8 has some OS areas better equipped with 
backport etc. then the vanilla Fedora release but for a raw test its 
worth to try a fedora LiveCD - EL8 is "similar to" / "a mix of"  Fedora 
27/28/29 ...

BTW, starting the CentOS8 iso also shows if it boots at all ... :-)