[CentOS] CentOS 7 - xfs shrink & expand

Wed May 13 00:06:55 UTC 2020
Frank M. Ramaekers Jr. <frank at ramaekers.com>

I'm having some difficulty finding a method to shrink my /home to expand 
my /.  They both correspond to LVMs.  It is my understanding that one 
cannot shrink a xfs filesystem.  One must back it up (xfsdump), remove 
(lvremove) redefine it and then restore it back (xfsrestore).

Okay, I'm running into a problem where /home  needs to be "unused".  If 
tried going in to "maintance mode", but I ran into a problem with the 
mount command (after issuing a 'chroot /sysroot').  I then tried using 
SystemRescueCD to boot to, but it wouldn't mount my 32TB RAID USB drive 
(something about too big).

Any thoughts or suggestions?