[CentOS] CentOS 7 - xfs shrink & expand

Wed May 13 01:46:03 UTC 2020
Jack Morgan <jack at jento.io>


On 5/12/20 5:06 PM, Frank M. Ramaekers Jr. wrote:
> I'm having some difficulty finding a method to shrink my /home to
> expand my /.  They both correspond to LVMs.  It is my understanding
> that one cannot shrink a xfs filesystem.  One must back it up
> (xfsdump), remove (lvremove) redefine it and then restore it back
> (xfsrestore).
> Okay, I'm running into a problem where /home  needs to be "unused". 
> If tried going in to "maintance mode", but I ran into a problem with
> the mount command (after issuing a 'chroot /sysroot').  I then tried
> using SystemRescueCD to boot to, but it wouldn't mount my 32TB RAID
> USB drive (something about too big).
> Any thoughts or suggestions?

If I was you, I would boot the SystemRescueCD, mount your /home
partition. Then rsync the data to someplace else - another system on
your network? If your root partition is also xfs, then mount/rsync that
data as well. Then remove, expand or recreate your LVM based volumes,
mkfs and rsync the data back. I'm assuming you have a /boot partition
that is not LVM based so no need to reinstall grub. Then reboot. 

Side note: my solution doesn't require you to set up a chroot, just
mount the partition in order to back up the data on the filesystem. I
like Gentoo's LVM documentation[0] Hope this helps.

[0] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/LVM#Usage

Jack Morgan

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