[CentOS] Can't move to Centos 8

Wed May 13 00:42:25 UTC 2020
david <david at daku.org>


I've been trying to convert my systems to Centos 8, seeing the EOL on 
the horizon a few years away.  One of my systems is a Mac-Mini, and 
support for that has been discontinued.  I'm wondering what the 
community suggests among these alternatives:

1)  Stay with Centos 7 even after EOL hoping market pressures will 
add Mac-Mini support

2)  Spend a few hundred dollars on a small, **quiet** replacement (ugh)

3) Convert to the Debian/Ubuntu distro.

4) Hope someone figures out a solution.

By the way, the same issue exists, I believe, also for other Mac 
products, such as the newer laptops and servers.