[CentOS] CentOS 8 updates

Wed May 13 14:54:08 UTC 2020
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 5/13/20 3:57 AM, Phil Perry wrote:
> On 13/05/2020 01:22, Bill Maidment wrote:
>> Hi
>> Is it my imagination/impatience, but I don't seem to have received any
>> updates to CentOS 8 recently.
>> I'm thinking particularly of firefox which was updated in CentOS 7 for
>> a critical security update.
>> Is there a backlog of CentOS 8 updates behind the 8.2 release?
>> I noticed on a few occasions that my local mirroring had picked up and
>> later deleted a lot of "tmp" files for CentOS 8, is that an indication
>> that something is on the way?
>> I understand that everyone is struggling with Covid19 restrictions, so
>> just tell me to get back into my isolation if I'm just a bit too
>> impatient.
> Correct. These are updates to CentOS 8.2 which is in the works. Once
> CentOS 8.2 has been released, the 8.2 updates will flow shortly afterwards.

We can't push updates to point release packages until the point release
is out (the link against the point release libraries) .. and it takes
time to actually process a point release (in this case .. approximately
500 SRPMS needs to be built, the composes tested, etc).

That is always the case for CentOS Linux and always has been (since 2003 :D)

If you require the updates in a quicker manner .. then a RHEL
subscription is the best bet.