[CentOS] Monitoring network traffic to a host

Wed May 13 00:01:24 UTC 2020
Christian, Mark <mark.christian at intel.com>

On Tue, 2020-05-12 at 18:44 -0500, Ian Pilcher wrote:
> Background - I am having an issue with occassional pauses when
> streaming
> high-bitrate media across my home network to my smart TV.  I
> *suspect*
> that the root cause is the (incredibly lame) 100 Mbps Ethernet
> interface
> in the TV.
> In order to confirm that the peak bitrate really does max out the 100
> Mbps connection, I'd like to monitor the communication between my NAS
> and the TV.  The two devices are on separate VLANs, with routing
> performed by a CentOS 7 system, so it should theoretically be
> relatively
> simple to use an appropriate utility on the "router" to monitor and,
> if
> possible, graph the network traffic going to the TV.
> Ideally, I could run said utility for the entire time that the media
> file is playing and then look at its pretty graph to check if/when
> the
> bitrate hit 100 Mbps.  Being able to watch the pretty graph in real
> time
> through a web interface would be nice as well, but is not required.
> Is any such program included in CentOS 7 or EPEL 7?
> The closest thing that I've found thus far is iftop (despite its lack
> of
> pretty).  Unfortunately, it won't allow me to see the peak bitrate
> over
> the whole period in which the media is playing.

You'll need a second linux system, but I'd consider using iperf with a
client/server setup.