[CentOS] Monitoring network traffic to a host

Tue May 12 23:44:26 UTC 2020
Ian Pilcher <arequipeno at gmail.com>

Background - I am having an issue with occassional pauses when streaming
high-bitrate media across my home network to my smart TV.  I *suspect*
that the root cause is the (incredibly lame) 100 Mbps Ethernet interface
in the TV.

In order to confirm that the peak bitrate really does max out the 100
Mbps connection, I'd like to monitor the communication between my NAS
and the TV.  The two devices are on separate VLANs, with routing
performed by a CentOS 7 system, so it should theoretically be relatively
simple to use an appropriate utility on the "router" to monitor and, if
possible, graph the network traffic going to the TV.

Ideally, I could run said utility for the entire time that the media
file is playing and then look at its pretty graph to check if/when the
bitrate hit 100 Mbps.  Being able to watch the pretty graph in real time
through a web interface would be nice as well, but is not required.

Is any such program included in CentOS 7 or EPEL 7?

The closest thing that I've found thus far is iftop (despite its lack of
pretty).  Unfortunately, it won't allow me to see the peak bitrate over
the whole period in which the media is playing.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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