[CentOS] CentOS 7 - xfs shrink & expand

Wed May 13 12:28:56 UTC 2020
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>


> Yeah, I tried that but ran into a problem.  It came up fine in
> single-user/maintenance mode.   The mount command shows all of the
> mounted file systems, but after I 'chroot /sysroot', the mount failed
> (with some problem with mtab, sorry don't have the exact error
> message).  So I couldn't mount my 32TB RAID (where the xfsdump file was).

I think you misunderstood what I meant. You appear to have booted into
rescue mode, but that's not what I meant. What I meant is good old single
user mode. The state you'll get with "telinit 1" or with "s" or "1" as a
kernel boot option.

For what you want to do not a single reboot is required.


> On 5/13/2020 12:48 AM, Simon Matter via CentOS wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> I'm having some difficulty finding a method to shrink my /home to
>>> expand
>>> my /.  They both correspond to LVMs.  It is my understanding that one
>>> cannot shrink a xfs filesystem.  One must back it up (xfsdump), remove
>>> (lvremove) redefine it and then restore it back (xfsrestore).
>>> Okay, I'm running into a problem where /home  needs to be "unused".  If
>>> tried going in to "maintance mode", but I ran into a problem with the
>>> mount command (after issuing a 'chroot /sysroot').  I then tried using
>>> SystemRescueCD to boot to, but it wouldn't mount my 32TB RAID USB drive
>>> (something about too big).
>>> Any thoughts or suggestions?
>> What is the problem if you boot directly into maintenance mode? Then it
>> should be possible to backup home to a remote destination, unmount
>> /home,
>> remove the home LV, expand /, recreate home and mount it, restore from
>> backup and you're done. No need to use any SystemRescueCD or other tool.
>> Regards,
>> Simon
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