[CentOS] Ailing MATE desktop

Wed May 13 23:41:23 UTC 2020
Robert G (Doc) Savage <dsavage at peaknet.net>

On Wed, 2020-05-06 at 10:26 -0500, Robert G (Doc) Savage via CentOS
> On Tue, 2020-05-05 at 19:25 -0500, Robert G (Doc) Savage via CentOS
> wrote:
> > I'm about ready to run "dnf erase *mate*" and try re-installing
> > MATE
> > from scratch from the GNOME3 desktop. Is that possible without
> > ripping
> > the heart out of C8 by deleting other critical packages?
> I've attached a capture of "dnf erase *mate*" that shows the 104
> packages that would be removed. It looks safe enough, but if there's
> a
> a better way to fix the problem I'd rather try that.

Having gotten no responses, I'm about ready to plunge ahead and try
removing MATE v1.22 with dnf, then do a fresh reinstall of all
packages. However, I'm unsure about the safest way to proceed.

If you look at the listing attached to my last message, you'll see
three different groups of packages:

Removing dependent packages:
Removing unused dependencies:

I don't understand the meaning of the last group of "unused

Is there a manual, more surgical way to remove packages that won't rip
the overall CentOS 8.1 installation apart? For example, is there a way
(perhaps a for loop) that deletes only the first two package groups?
All of those are from the COPR repository. Removing them should cause
no problems. But the third group (unused) includes several @AppStream,
@epel, and even one @PowerTools package.

Any dnf gurus please weigh in here.

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL