[CentOS] Best practice preparing for disk restoring system

Wed Nov 18 09:27:33 UTC 2020
J Martin Rushton <martinrushton56 at btinternet.com>

I'd agree with you John.  I'm trying to get away from Amanda's 
unpredictability and go back to using scripts to drive dump (for 
ext2/3/4) and xfsdump (for xfs).

Is there any easy way to tell rear to include xfsdump and dump 
capability?  If the commands are there then its trivial to restore data.

What I've done in the past is before the nightly backup write a small 
file to the root of each filesystem giving disk geometries.  You can 
then use any recovery DVD to partition and reload the OS.  If rear can 
do this for me it would be __much__ neater!

On 18/11/2020 08:24, John Pierce wrote:
> I'm old school, but I always liked using dump/restore on unix file
> systems.  e2dump or whatever for linux, zfs send/recieve for zfs, ufsdump
> on freebsd ufs, etc etc.
> then I just need to know what file systems they are, and where they should
> be mounted, and its trivial to set tha tup on new hardware.
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