[CentOS] Best practice preparing for disk restoring system

Wed Nov 18 12:47:16 UTC 2020
Felix Kölzow <felix.koelzow at gmx.de>

> What I've done in the past is before the nightly backup write a small
> file to the root of each filesystem giving disk geometries.  You can
> then use any recovery DVD to partition and reload the OS.  If rear can
> do this for me it would be __much__ neater!
According to rear webpage: https://relax-and-recover.org/about/

Extensive disk layout implementation, incl.

  * HWRAID (HP SmartArray)
  * LVM
  * multipathing
  * DRBD
  * iSCSI
  * LUKS (encrypted partitions and filesystems)

I personally used rear to restore lvm volume groups and several logical
volumes with success.

I will test a more complicated layout until the end of this year and can
let you know about the findings.