[CentOS] GVIM annoyances

Fri Nov 6 11:11:24 UTC 2020
Gary Stainburn <gary.stainburn at ringways.co.uk>

I've just upgraded from my old F9 box to C7, which of course means lots 
of changes.  However, the ones are are annoying me most are with VIM.

No matter what I do I can't get  gvim to open in a reasonable size. I 
have a dual headed setup (laptop + external) and every time gvim opens 
it takes up both screens.

I've tried a few suggestions including the one below without success.  
In fact this one causes X to crash when I start gvim.

The second problem I have is the selection of the font.  My old box had 
"sans Regular 12" which was a lovely font to work with. However, when I 
choose the same font on the new box it's hideous. I don't know best how 
to request this, but basically how can I have my nice old font back?

|if has("gui_running") " GUI is running or is about to start. " Maximize 
gvim window. set lines=999 columns=999 else " This is console Vim. if 
exists("+lines") set lines=50 endif if exists("+columns") set 
columns=100 endif endif |