[CentOS] Apologies - possible hardware problem?

Sun Nov 15 18:54:08 UTC 2020
Jeffrey Layton <laytonjb at gmail.com>

Good afternoon,

I have a home workstation with an AMD CPU, Titan V GPU, 32 GB of memory,
and a root SSD and /home on spinning disks.

Right now it has xubuntu 18.04 on it and it would boot fine. I shut it down
and restarted it to get an inventory before I put CentOS 8.2 on it. It
won't boot now. It gets to the grub menu and freezes. I can't use the
keyboard to select an item in the menu and I can't press enter to make it
boot or press "e" to edit the boot line. It just sits there (seemingly
forever). Here's what I've tred:

1. New keyboard/mouse - no change

2. Different monitor - no change

3. Booting from the CentOS 8.2 iso on a USB stick - no change

4. Replacing the TItan V card with a GT 1030 NV card - no change

When booting from a USB stick, I get the BIOS splash screen and press "DEL"
to get to the menu, but the menu never shows up. It just freezes.

This one has me stumped. Not being able to boot from a USB stick is really
puzzling. I've never seen that before. Possible bad MB?

My apologies for using the list to help debug problems but since I'm moving
to CentOS 8.2 I thought people might have some ideas.