[CentOS] Network Manager - rotate connection profile

Mon Oct 26 21:25:37 UTC 2020
Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net>

I wasn't sure what to call this in the subject line, but here's my issue.

I have an occasional need to switch a few computers from one Internet provider to a different one.  Both Internet providers feed into the same network, one at and the other at

So to change from one provider to the other I run nmtui to change the gateway and dns server addresses, then deactivate and reactivate the connection and I'm done.

It's just takes a few minutes, but I'm wondering if there's a way to automate this a bit so instead of having to run nmtui and change all of those numbers, then deactivate and reactivate the connection, I could just have each configuration saved as a text file or something, and just tell network manager "use this configuration now until further notice."

I could, of course, accomplish this using dhcp and change the dhcp server configurations as needed, but  I'd prefer to have all of this stuff stored on each local machine like it is now.  That way I could even automate it with a cronjob or something if I wanted to get that efficient.

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