[CentOS] Mail server troubles

Fri Oct 9 19:23:20 UTC 2020
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On 2020-10-09 14:16, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> --On Friday, October 09, 2020 6:29 PM +1300 Rob Kampen 
> <rkampen at kampensonline.com> wrote:
>> If this reject is due to their spam filtering process, it is actually the
>> email author's problem - how they make up their sentences, key words etc.
>> and thus the problem will travel with them, to whatever email provider
>> they choose.
>> Suggest they get educated in how to write an appropriate email that
>> doesn't raise alarms, or they could use mailchimp (e.g. only) for their
>> large group emails.
> Good point. Feed all your outbound mail to SpamAssassin

Not for my users, thank you. My authenticated users send whatever they 
want without any filtering, scoring, scanning for virii (that is Latin 
plural for virus).

But if there is problem created by my user, it definitely will be 
properly addressed, with user, in person.


> and set it to 
> retain the report in the output, directed to a local email account so 
> you can review it via Dovecot. You could also direct it to an external 
> mail account (eg. on a VPS) so you can see what it looks like to the 
> outside world.
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