[CentOS] Binutils-2.30-98.el8.aarch64 broken on raspberry Pi4

Mon Apr 5 23:47:49 UTC 2021
Maurice Smulders <Maurice.Smulders at windtalker.com>

The recent update of binutils/binutils-devel on aarch64 totally breaks gcc. When running gcc over a simple program with main - executing it results in a SIGSEGV, as the _start prologue calls a NULL pointer.

I haven't figured out yet how to build a new build using git.centos.org, but I noticed that there is a -99 variant out there... 
-90 worked fine.

What's the quickest way to get this back to being operational? 
The instructions to build a new package look to be a bit scattered - and how can I build a working one if any update picks up a borked one...