[CentOS] almalinux?

Thu Apr 8 05:11:02 UTC 2021
Jack Aboutboul <jack at almalinux.org>

Thanks Rich for the kind words and Johnny for the support as well. Rich is correct about the non-profit foundation that was setup to facilitate community ownership and involvement. No one party owns or controls AlmaLinux.

We don’t view anyone as "the other team” either, and we are glad, and here, to work together with everyone.

The way we see it is that we are all family now as well and people have different needs. We are sure CentOS Stream is going to be great for those whose needs it fills and you really can’t beat the engineering team behind it. Time has already proven their prowess and some of them are close personal friends. That being said, we are trying our absolute hardest to make sure that we are the best community and distribution for people whose needs fall on the other side of the road.

We are here to work together to build an ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve spent, at this point, the majority of my life in the the EL extended family (including Fedora) and I can confidently say it is the most powerful platform for innovation, certainly of my generation. It has helped either directly or indirectly spawn or support probably most of today’s most leading technological advancements, everything from the the way we develop and deploy software, huge advancements in space exploration, particle physics research, AI, biological breakthroughs, art, finance and everything in between.  It’s taken a collaborative, global effort to make that materialize and we are here to keep that going.

There is no horizon we cannot explore, no sea we cannot cross and no peak we cannot summit. Together.