[CentOS] [c8-stream] podman CAP_PERFMON

Wed Apr 14 10:15:03 UTC 2021
Łukasz Posadowski <mail at lukaszposadowski.pl>

Hi everyone.

I decided to go container with Centos Stream, but I keep having
errors about "unknow capability: CAP_PERFMON". I tried minikube, as
well as standard podman and toolbox container creation:

$ toolbox create --distro fedora --release 34 --container test3
$ toolbox create --distro rhel --release 8.3 --container test4

Containers are created, I can list them with toolbox and podman.

$ toolbox enter --container test4
Error: failed to start container test4

$ podman start test4
Error: OCI runtime error: unable to start container "[longhash]":
container =_linux_go:370: starting container process caused: unknow
capability "CAP_PERFMON"


Łukasz Posadowski