[CentOS] rsync over ssh stalls after completing the job

Tue Apr 13 18:37:32 UTC 2021
Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net>

On Tue, 13 Apr 2021 13:07:19 -0500
Christopher Wensink wrote:

> Try using --whole-file / -W

Using that command, it says "delta-transmission disabled for local transfer or --whole-file
", but it still stalls at the end so there's no change.

Since it works fine transferring files over nfs, it has to be something about the interaction with ssh.  (The fact that it also works fine with ssh as a cronjob adds to the weirdness, of course.)

Reading up a bit on what can cause ssh to appear to stall, I just un-commented "useDNS no" in sshd_config on both machines and restarted sshd.  I think that's the default setting anyway, but I made the change and that didn't do anything for me either.

I notice, though, that if I ssh from jeff to mutt and type exit, it logs me out as soon as I hit enter.  If I ssh from mutt to jeff and type exit, it logs me out after a delay of about one second.  I never really noticed if that delay was there before or not.  I wonder if it's somehow related.

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