[CentOS] not a Centos topic, but since many had concerns ......

Wed Feb 3 13:45:03 UTC 2021
Nikolaos Milas <nmilas at noa.gr>

On 3/2/2021 1:26 π.μ., R C wrote:

> The reason why I have some Centos stuff is because it is very close to 
> Redhat, and where I work we use A LOT of redhat 
> machines/servers/clusters, so it is just convenience. That is why I 
> used Centos, and if this mechanism/program is available, well, I'll 
> use that.

If you want free/open-source alternative to good old CentOS for full 
RHEL compatibility, my 2c is to wait for Rocky Linux, the successor of 
CentOS, a project started by CentOS original founder: it's now brewing, 
it will be available end of March: Check https://wiki.rockylinux.org/

Also, look at almalinux.org, also brewing: https://almalinux.org/

There is also (already available): Springdale Linux 

Oracle Linux is also an option but I don't fancy projects orchestrated 
by big corporations.

Personally, I feel closer to the first one (Rocky Enterprise Linux: 
R_EL!). Soon, we'll know.

It comes to my mind that IBM/RH recently offered more options for free 
RHEL subscriptions in order to make it more difficult to the community 
to build and maintain projects like the above by dissipating CentOS 
community (leveraging CentOS Stream too). Probably CentOS acquisition 
itself was aiming at CentOS project cancellation, as we know it.