[CentOS] Challenging times in trying to access oracle Linux documentation

Thu Feb 4 17:20:07 UTC 2021
Shamim Shahriar <shamim.shahriar at gmail.com>

Thank you so for your kind response, very much appreciated.

I was trying to access
which, I understand if under support, but seems to be the only FreeIPA
documentation I found on my search.

Thank you all once again.

Best regards

On Thu, 4 Feb 2021, 16:24 Frank Cox, <theatre at sasktel.net> wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 12:03:30 +0000
> Shamim Shahriar wrote:
> > Apologies if this is considered unwelcome -- asking oracle question in
> > centos group -- but a lot of centos Vs oracle is going on here so hoping
> > this will not be shot down.
> Speaking for myself only, I have no problem with anyone posting Oracle
> Linux questions, answers or solutions in this mailing list.  I think that
> as time goes on, OL and Rocky Linux will start to get more discussion and
> coverage here.  Since they are all very similar to each other, most of the
> solutions for one will likely be applicable to all anyway and if there's a
> better alternative offered on one of the others, then that's worth knowing
> as well.
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