[CentOS] Challenging times in trying to access oracle Linux documentation

Sat Feb 6 20:56:33 UTC 2021
Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net>

On Sat, 6 Feb 2021 15:22:21 -0500
Jonathan Billings wrote:

1.) you assume people will clearly label their off topic threads

I think that in most cases that will happen, yes, since people with a technical background understand that clarity and precision are important when posting a question or observation or asking for advice.

 2.) as we’ve seen, those off topic threads often weave in and out of on-topic threads until a moderator tells you to take it to another venue.

Which of course never happens now with threads that start off discussing some aspect of Centos?
>  You’ll dilute the usefulness of this list to the point that it will be
> worthless for people who are interested in CentOS topics.

In your opinion.  On average, this is not a high-traffic mailing list and I'd be really surprised if the traffic actually increased in any significant way since a question that might today be asked about Centos will be asked tomorrow about Rocky; either way, there's no net increase in the traffic, just a change in the subject line.

> You want a generic
> rhel clone list?  Create one and post an announcement about it.

You're welcome to do that if that's your calling.  By all means, be my guest, and so on.  Personally, I'm quite content using the mailing lists that I've been using for years.  If I really have to sign up for some other mailing lists then I can do that though it's not really my first choice of actions.  I really have no desire to run a mailing list of my own.  Again, though, you're welcome to undertake that if you wish and I might even be convinced to sign up for it.

> If you want to talk about Rocky or Oracle Linux, use their lists. This list is for CentOS.

Since neither you or I are the list manager, all we can do is express an opinion.  I've expressed mine, you've expressed yours, and a few other folks have chimed in too.   And we'll all get to find out what happens as time goes on.

> If you have a question that is
> codebase specific, then just ask it without talking about the distro it came
> from, but as soon as it becomes clear that it is infrastructure related, keep
> it on the appropriate list. 

And after going through all of the above, you ultimately agree with me after all.

I generally read just the parts of this mailing list that are of interest to me, and most questions and observations that I see here are about specific programs/setups/why-did-this-just-explode.  Unless they're buried in some of the threads that I skip over because they don't seem relevant to what I'm doing, I see very few questions about infrastructure and the like.  Well, up until about two months ago, that is.  And I'm pretty sure the infrastructure stuff will calm down again after the big change-over at the end of this year.

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