[CentOS] How to install XFCE on CentOS 8?

Thu Feb 11 10:43:31 UTC 2021
Peter <peter at pajamian.dhs.org>

On 11/02/21 10:24 pm, Simon Matter wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone here running XFCE desktop on CentOS 8? If so, how did you
> install it?
> I just tried to install it from EPEL and this is what I got:
> # dnf group install Xfce
> Last metadata expiration check: 0:14:01 ago on Thu 11 Feb 2021 10:05:47 CET.
> No match for group package "NetworkManager-gnome"
> No match for group package "thunar-archive-plugin"

I run the command and it resolves the dependencies just fine, but does 
not want to install any of the above two packages.

> I'm unable to find packages for NetworkManager-gnome or
> thunar-archive-plugin anywhere in CentOS 8 or EPEL 8.

Can you please show the full output of your command, please?  Also the 
output of:

dnf repolist -v epel