[CentOS] How to install XFCE on CentOS 8?

Thu Feb 25 14:28:48 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> On 25/02/2021 13:37, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
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>> They run into the same interdependency.. but because they have
>> organically
>> grown their distro every day, those dependencies grew 1 at a time.
>> For EPEL and other EL repos you have to jump multiple Fedora releases to
>> catch up. So in EL6 we were Fedora Linux 12. In EL7.0 we had to jump and
>> rebuild from scratch a lot of Fedora Linux 18 and Fedora Linux 19 and
>> then
>> progressed up to about Fedora 24 as various parts got rebased and
>> upgraded
>> to 7.9. For EL8, we have to jump to Fedora Linux 28 and then each dot
>> release rebase parts while keeping other parts back because rebasing is
>> focused. [This means that if something needs glibc-2.32 you can't put it
>> in
>> EL8 without a lot of patching to make it work with whatever changed...
>> but
>> some other related components may be able to recompile fine.]
>> Thus you need people who enjoy that kind of work to do this because EPEL
>> is
>> nearly all volunteer work. I had to work after hours or take vacation
>> time
>> to work on getting EPEL-8 out so that I could get focused effort on it.
>> Most people don't have that 'luxury' and so the number of volunteers is
>> small but the expectation that it will be there is large.
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> I was recently looking at Raymond's book "The Art of UNIX Programming"
> from 2003.  He, along with contributors Thompson (inventor of UNIX),
> Kernigham (C and AWK), Korn and others of that callibre, espouse
> creating "little tools" that do one job reliably and well.  The likes of
> Gnome or systemd certainly would never fit into this philosophy.  I
> really think we have lost a lot of maintainability and ease of
> management over the last 20 years as applications are stretched to do
> ever more.
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> J Martin Rushton MBCS

Or you can say it with Henry Spencers words:

Those who don't understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly.