[CentOS] RHEL changes

Fri Jan 22 12:25:04 UTC 2021
Konstantin Boyandin <lists at boyandin.info>

On 21.01.2021 22:46, Victor Pereira wrote:
> I see that this is as an impulse for Fedora so that we as users do not
> leave RedHat after the news ... even so I still think how good it is for
> the linux community this whole situation makes us a good shakeup.
> Cheers,

I wonder whether RH plan to fight back FUD they've brought upon by their 
December announcement.

Personally, I found this "no-cost" promise lacking substantial details.

If RH doesn't verify everyone requesting developer subscription (forcing 
to prove identity), the 16 installations limit is easily circumvented by 
multiple registrations.

If they *do* request identity verification (i.e. copy of ID, phone, 
email, physical address... etc etc, up to last will in favor of RH), 
then I am even more uneasy having voluntarily provided them with 
personal data which are  treasure for any marketing purpose they could 

Also, I can still expect they will again change their mind close to 
2021's end. In short, I have hard time trusting RH in such a situation. 


Konstantin Boyandin
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