[CentOS] RHEL changes

Sat Jan 23 14:45:51 UTC 2021
Strahil Nikolov <hunter86_bg at yahoo.com>

В 18:42 +0100 на 22.01.2021 (пт), Nicolas Kovacs написа:
> Le 22/01/2021 à 18:04, Valeri Galtsev a écrit :
> > I tried SUSE maybe 2-3 years later than you (around 2003). The
> > first thing I
> > disliked was: they have yast on top of standard configurations.
> > First of
> > all, it is quite unpleasant to deal with: infinitely long single
> > file
> > containing all configs. Next, you change one single thing, and yast
> > to
> > enable your change touches all config files.
You need to create extra ".local" files to preserve your
customizations. Totally different from RHEL.

> All the hardcore distribution users out there (Slackware, Arch,
> Gentoo, Crux,
> FreeBSD) like to make fun of YaST.
> Ever tried to connect any Linux or BSD desktop to an LDAPS server
> running Red
> Hat Directory Server for authentication?
> With YaST it's done in less than 30 seconds in half a dozen mouse
> clicks, and
> it JustWorks(tm).

I can confirm that YAST is quite powerful and I wish it was like
'smitty' (AIX) and allow you to invoke it with command line params.

openSUSE has one big benefit which we do not have with CentOS -> you
can upgrade your openSUSE to pure SUSE (if you need subscription) and
you will be fully supported. RH refused to do that with CentOS - always

Also, openSUSE/SUSE introduced booting and reverting from a snapshot.
Now RH is on the same path with the "BOOM Boot Manager".

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov