[CentOS] RHEL changes

Tue Jan 26 10:21:28 UTC 2021
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

On 1/26/21 10:36 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 26/01/2021 à 08:10, Ljubomir Ljubojevic a écrit :
>> But even simple thing like buying space on Google account with
>> debit/credit card is too complicated for some so I ended up paying with
>> my card to get them more "Gmail space"
> *cringe*
> First thing I do with new clients is replace their Gmail nonsense with a crisp
> and clean CentOS mail server:
> https://blog.microlinux.fr/serveur-mail-centos-7/
> :o)

Yeah, but they are using that Gmail account for several years, and it is
a real-state seller/developer, and they do not want to switch to
anything other because it works.

First I managed to replace their hdd's to ssd's around new year, so it
As a bonus they got backup storage (from one PC to another).

Then I finally managed (with help of outside accountant that sent me to
them) to get them to invest 600 eur for TrueNAS because they did not
have any kind of file server, they all store on individual PC's hdd's.

Owner, simple man with money to start investments and TOTALLY no
understanding of PC's, smartphones, etc, asked why he has to spend money
on something to sit in the corner. So I explained they could loose much
electronic documents if hdd/ssd fails, and his response was "but we have
everything in/on paper...".

Then he asked administrative worker what she would do if her hdd failed,
and she said "I would kill my self", and THAT statement made him accept
to pay for file server :-)

So it is a definite progress, it will just take time to get there.

I always start with not interrupting clients workflow and adapt to their
knowledge, doing as much by my self as possible without involving them,
then slowly and incrementally introduce changes that affect them or
demand they learn something. 99% of clients use same password for all
user accounts, mainly name of the company since they are small and trust
their workers.

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