[CentOS] How to query which yum package groups a particular package is member of

Wed Jan 27 20:55:10 UTC 2021
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

--On Wednesday, January 27, 2021 3:31 PM -0500 Stephen John Smoogen 
<smooge at gmail.com> wrote:

> or one can look for the comps file in /var/cache/yum
> network-tools has dnsmasq listed as a package
> repoquery says the following on my rhel box
> NetworkManager-1:1.4.0-20.el7_3.x86_64
> libvirt-daemon-driver-network-0:4.5.0-36.el7_9.3.x86_64

Aha! It's actually in network-server ("Network Infrastructure Server") 
group. network-tools is the next one in the comps.xml file. The group name 
sounds like something I might have wanted for my application, but the 
contents are really for a lightweight server like one finds in a consumer 

But, except for dhcp and radvd, none of the other packages in that group 
are installed, so I still don't see how I got dnsmasq on my system. Here's 
the network-server package list:

      <packagereq type="optional">dhcp</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">dnsmasq</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">freeradius</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">quagga</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">radvd</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">rsyslog-gnutls</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">rsyslog-gssapi</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">rsyslog-kafka</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">rsyslog-mysql</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">rsyslog-pgsql</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">rsyslog-relp</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">syslinux</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">syslinux-tftpboot</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">tang</packagereq>
      <packagereq type="optional">tftp-server</packagereq>