[CentOS] Upgrade to 8.4 .2105 Problems

Sat Jun 5 06:03:50 UTC 2021
Jon LaBadie <jcu at labadie.us>

On Sat, Jun 05, 2021 at 04:32:30PM +1200, Alan McRae via CentOS wrote:
>I noticed in journalctl that gnome-shell was core dumping.
>yum reinstall gnome-shell fixed my displays problem.
>So I am back to my first premise that the 'yum update' did not 
>complete properly for some reason.
>Is there any way I can check the integrity of the packages installed?

rpm, but not to my knowledge, has a "verify" command.

It checks all files from the specified package are present
and compares 9 properties with the original specs.

Jon H. LaBadie                  jcu at labadie.us