[CentOS] yum versionlock vs priority

Thu Mar 25 08:05:31 UTC 2021
Stijn De Weirdt <stijn.deweirdt at ugent.be>

hi all,

i could use some guidance in debugging an issue on centos 7.9 where
"suddenly" yum refuses to install a package. the package has multiple
version in 2 repos: highest version is in a repo with prio=5, the other
lower versions are in a repo without any priorities set.
we however require a specific version, so we use the versionlock plugin
to lock it.

repoquery --show-duplicates properly shows all versions.

however, yum refuses to install this locked version. it says it can find
the package (trying to install the package by name, and also by full

when we remove the prio setting in this one repo it all works just fine.

the odd thing is: we discovered this after a reinstall of a single host
a few days ago, where we have a lot of other hosts with same setup
without issues. there seem to have no updates of yum or anything
related, so i'm a bit puzzled where this sudden change could come from.

obvioulsy, it will turn out something did change, but i have no idea how
to start finding the culprit. is there any documnetaiton that describes
the precedence between yum plugins? is versionlock plugin always
supposed to win over prio setting?

hints/tips welcome.

many thanks,