[CentOS] Prevent Anaconda from switching root and swap partition

Wed Mar 31 09:10:48 UTC 2021
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


More often than not, when installing CentOS, I choose manual partitioning and
then apply the KISS principle, with a very simple partitioning scheme that
looks more or less like this:

  * /boot partition: 500 MB, ext2
  * swap partition: equivalent to amount of RAM
  * root partition: available space, ext4

Now when I do this, Anaconda insists on switching my swap and root partitions,
so instead of this:

  * /dev/sda1: boot partition
  * /dev/sda2: swap partition
  * /dev/sda3: root partition

... I get this:

  * /dev/sda1: boot partition
  * /dev/sda2: root partition
  * /dev/sda3: swap partition

Up until now this hasn't bothered me much. But for my needs right now it does,
because I need my root partition to be at the end of the disk, so it can be
expanded later on.

Anyone knows how I can prevent Anaconda from switching my root and swap
partitions? What I'm doing right now is switching to a text console with
Ctrl-Alt-F5, manually partition using fdisk, switch back to Anaconda and then
rescan the disk, but it's quite a PITA.

These are the moments where I miss the good old bone-headed Slackware
installer. :o)


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