[CentOS] R730xd & SD card identfication

Mon Mar 8 07:34:27 UTC 2021
Simon Matter <simon.matter at invoca.ch>

> On Sun, 2021-03-07 at 11:17 -0600, Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
>> Everyone,
>> We have migrated a platform to a Centos 8 host using kvm guest
>> machines
>> Recently I tried to copy one of the guests to the external SD card on
>> the back of the Dell R730xd, but I have not been able to get the
>> Centos
>> 8 host to recognize the SD card.
>> I can use DRAC interface of the R730xd to see that the SD card is
>> being
>> recognized and the status of the external SD slot is turned from
>> inactive to active when the card is inserted.
> I have a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that that slot is
> associated with the iDrac system and not the main board.
> In any case doesn't that need a vFlash card not a standard SD/SDHC
> card? From Wikipedia:
>   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_DRAC
>    To take advantage of storage greater than 256 MB on the iDRAC6
>    enterprise, Dell requires that a vFlash SD card be procured through
>    Dell channels. As of December 2011, Dell vFlash SD cards differ from
>    consumer SD cards by being over-provisioned by 100% for increased
>    write endurance and performance.[21]
>    While there are no other known functional differences between a
>    Dell-branded vFlash SD card and a class 2 or greater SDHC card, the
>    use of non-Dell media prevents the use of extended capacities and
>    functions.
> P.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> Pete,
> Thanks for your help!!!!
> I am beginning to be persuaded you are right.  However, I have seen
> some posts about putting vmware either on the SD card or internal usb
> stick that made me think the SD card could be addressable.  If Dell has
> this limited to Dell flash cards instead of a regular SD card that
> might explain some of what I am seeing.
> Greg

I don't know iDrac but I'd guess that you can make the SD device visible
to the OS by passing them through as a virtual devices. Maybe you could
try this?